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Control when you get paid with our online automated payment tools.
Gain more control over how and when you get paid
Collect payments faster and easier than ever before
Reduce fraud and secure your customers financial data
Gain valuable time wasted processing and collecting payments
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Collect Payments with Ease...

  • automated payments
    Bypass the time and costs associated with traditional payment methods by automating one-time and recurring payments.

  • online payments
    Allow customers to pay you faster and easier through a customized payment portal that you can add to your website and electronic invoices.
  • electronic billing
    Electronic billing gets invoices to your customers faster, allows them to pay you quicker and reduces time spent hassling with traditional paper invoices.

welcome to paymentkeys online payment solutions

PaymentKeys has the quickest and easiest way to accept payments online. A payment website is a great way to reduce the labor and resources associated with taking payments in person, over the phone or through the mail.
  • Benefiting Your Business
    • Improve your business's cash flow
    • Reduce payment processing time
    • Eliminate lost/in-the-mail check excuses
    • Simplify your back office
    >> More Company Benefits
  • Benefiting Your Customers
    • Increase payment convenience for your customers
    • Instantly secure your customers' sensitive account data
    • Improve customer service
    • Customers can track payments online
    >> More Customer Benefits
Payment Consulting

The seemingly simple task of accepting payments can, in reality, be a burden on a business. It can waste time, money and resources that could be spent on your core business functions. It can also include an unnecessary burden to keep your customers' sensitive account data secure.

Our payment logistics consultants can help identify where your business can save time, money and resources utilizing PaymentKeys' payment tools.